Good Friday – Happy Easter 2017

Good Friday & Happy Easter 2017

Church Sign Message – “Jesus Died for us”

Today (14th) on Good Friday, we put the message that reads “Jesus Died for Us” on the church sign. We want to remind everyone that rides by the church this weekend for Easter 2017 that Jesus died for our sins on the cross to set us free from the bonadge of sin, and was raised from the dead on Easter morning for our victory over sin and the grave! Then He sent us the comforter (The Holy Ghost) to empowered us with strength and boldness to witness to the lost and lead them to the cross of calvary.

Remember, Jesus is the reason we can be free from all of our sins!

So we pray everyone stay encouraged this year’s Easter and come join us for Easter service Sunday 16th at 9:45am

Jesus Died for Us - Easter 2017

Jesus Died for Us – Easter 2017


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